Do you want to understand data collected for solar performance and energy efficiency measures? Are you struggling with making these data relevant for education? Come work with Smart Resource Labs, an educational data specialist in solar and energy efficiency. We are looking to support schools that have or want to have solar and energy efficiency programs. We help schools reach their energy goals by building a solid foundation for data management through actively engaging all stakeholders using proven processes to save time. Benefits include:

  • Student involvement in energy efforts to reduce energy consumption. 

  • Validated data to feed existing energy monitoring and management platforms.

  • Connecting data to standards-based curriculum.  

  • Site specific data for workforce development to develop a concrete sense of place.

  • Ability to compare your school with other schools in other climates to better understand renewable energy and energy efficiency worldwide.


1 in 10 public schools have solar installations, and the amount of solar being used in schools is growing exponentially. Many of these efforts are spearheaded by students themselves. Energy data can give students the chance to build their programming, math, critical thinking and project management skills along with learning about clean energy and resource conservation. Smart Resource Labs is passionate about promoting energy literacy and would like to support you in order to achieve your energy goals, because if you succeed, we succeed. 

We would love to have a preliminary discussion with you to learn more about your energy data usage. If you are interested in learning more about Smart Resource Labs and our value proposition. Below is a sample of questions to base our discussion off of:


  • What data are most useful to your school? 

  • What data do you want and how would you like it delivered (API, Kiosk, download, etc.)? 

  • Who are the stakeholders? 

  • How are you currently using data?  Are you looking for downtime/underperformance?

  • Are the data used in the classroom?   

  • Is there a kiosk for public information? 

  • What barriers do you face for using solar data? 

  • What are your general thoughts?

To begin a conversation around Solar in Education, we will be holding a friendly, open webinar next Thursday, September 28th at noon ET. Please RSVP below for the link. We look forward to seeing you there and appreciate the opportunity to help you!