Our Mission

Our mission is to help you unlock your data to enhance your existing data infrastructure for the performance you expected. We seek to understand user experience and customize our work to fit your needs. We make this process as painless as possible for you through proven information gathering workflows. To us, process is everything. We want to redefine how data is collected and managed, by working with your existing infrastructure to accomplish this in the most efficient way. Our process optimizes a fixed number of data devices to overcome your organization’s unique challenges and get the most value out of your data through a prioritization approach. We want you to be able to perform data enabled operations, maintenance, and more using our data gateways that feed into your data services.

We add value to systems you have already invested in by validating data and updating data collection devices and gateways. We improve upon your existing assets, using your network and your meters to help you achieve consistency. Think of Smart Resource Labs as the connector—the glue—between your infrastructure and valuable data. We are specialists in cell modems, dataloggers, gateways, and sensors, who can help redesign and maintain your systems. If you are missing key pieces of your infrastructure, we can drop-in that section to help you and offer ongoing support. Data should be easy, smooth, and fun. Let us show you the benefit of data and your existing tools in the most affordable way possible!

Data Display Examples

Figure 1. Microgrid graphic (moving graphic on platform) demonstrating flow of electricity and energy use.

Figure 2. Data visualization displaying solar energy use on emergency vehicles equipped with PV arrays.

Figure 3. Our platform which shows green technologies within a building and the data collected by each of these technologies.