Over the course of the last decade, SRL has built process-specific tools to simplify workflows and decrease the amount of errors caused by manual entry. These tools include hardware packages built for the field and web applications.

Our Toolbox of Solutions​​

Microgrid Assessment

Portable instrumentation package for site Measurement & Verification

PV Health Reports

Insightful PV performance analytics in a format that is both powerful and easy to digest


Modern data visualization web application with metadata management tools​

Device Provisioning​ Tool​​

Modern data visualization web application with metadata management tools​

Tap into your data pipeline


The StreamView web application enables you to tap into your data pipeline for clearer inspection. With this tool’s modern approach to user interface, data, and metadata management has never been easier.

Customizable Dynamic Interface

This fast, intuitive web interface allows for any user to easily customize their interface. Build simple charts with any datastream and favorite data to make a dynamic dashboard. Data preprocessing allows a user to zoom in and out of data without having to wait for the UI to catch up.

Notes Feature

Operation managers, engineers, or others can label important events in the User Interface to share key knowledge instantaneously.

Metadata Documentation

Keep data source, units, validation stage and any user-defined metadata in easy-to-use metadata management feature 

Extensible Architecture

Customize the data that is collected to meet the needs of any business. Designed to add functionality down the road for automated connectors and file format uploaders


Save Time Troubleshooting

Intuitive web interface with easy customizations that any user can make.  Build simple charts with any datastream and favorite to make a dynamic dashboard. 

Keep Metadata Organized

Eliminate wasted hours figuring out where your data comes from

User Input Labels for Machine Learning

User Notes feature can be used by those in the field to share key events with data scientists looking for event labels to train ML models with subject matter expert data.

Detect Bad Data Faster

The ability to easily compare data from different devices gives a great visual for users to manually detect errors in data streams.

Measurement & Verification Tools

Sensor and meter packages specific to PV and Microgrid commissioning

The Microgrid Assessment Tool is for the measurement and verification of complex M&V for complex electrical systems and PV power plants.

Easier transport of field cases for metering

The advanced microgrid monitoring solution makes it easy to transport field cases for metering, submetering, and weather data collection. It can measure power quality and production performance (generation) as well as environmental site conditions.

Upgrade your data acquisition & metering


Preconfigured SRLink Data-gateways that collect data from existing infrastructure including site meters, inverters and weather stations when available.


No specialist needed to configure devices

**SRLink Data gateways are preconfigured by Smart Resource Labs using site specific network configurations using information collected during the DAS Discovery Inspection. Highlighted portion should be link to DAS Discovery Inspection page in Services.

Options Available

Revenue grade metering, basic performance weather station, all-in-one weather station, advanced weather station.


PV Performance Analytics Reporting

PV Performance Analytics Reporting for efficient asset operations.  Front page summaries and automated analyses back end.

Turn the time-series data collection into actionable information

These automated analytic scripts turn the time-series data collection into actionable information that supports operations & maintenance teams in moving from reactive to proactive maintenance. SRL’s commissioning report establishes a baseline. Monthly performance reports include subject matter expert analysis.