SR Link is just one of the ready-to-go technologies incorporated in our independent data layer. 

The SRLink comprises specialized web-based software, hardware gateways and professional services designed to complement existing data infrastructure to enable data interoperability from ‘Earth to Cloud’ in enterprise operations struggling to bridge legacy systems into the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT). The gateway deployment aspect is the essential process of gathering data to distribute to the rest of the submetering data assurance process.

This process is based on 15 years of Field Experience and Industry Best Practices that wraps a program around hardware, software and remote commissioning for effectiveness and persistence.

SRLink Methodology.png

Components of the SR Link include process documentation, meeting agendas, resource budgets, field templates, web-based tools, sell-sheets and pricing schedule. The web-based tools include enterprise eGauge provisioning tool and flexible data viewer.

Submetering system architecture: