AJ Rossman

Building value through data integration of web services and other technologies. 

(802) 503-5523    https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajrossman



Professional Experience

Consulting Services for R&D Project  (January 2019 – ending August 2021).  Worked with AI platform and international client to develop technologies for VPP project including day-ahead forecasting (PV Generation, Load Consumption and Battery State of Charge), anomaly detection and root-cause analysis of low PV performance, image detection for PV soiling and integration of open-source US Department of Energy packages for automated data validation and system modeling.  Responsibilities included:

  • Definition and implementation of internal standards for R&D development including data naming conventions,  data structures and industry best practices for analysis

  • Documentation of data science user stories and follow-on project management using Github tools including a WiKi to organize results

  • Drawing Context Diagrams of complex modeling systems to define inputs and outputs from one model to the next

  • Vision and product management of an Analytics Dashboard for dynamically visualizing PV Performance algorithms developed by the data science team.  Required the extension of the GeoJSON  standard to capture power system and sensor hierarchy metadata for analytics scalability

  • Pseudo-code (and some Python) to kick start discussions of complex algorithms for efficiently communicating with  data scientists 

  • Perform research ‘spikes’ to rapidly evaluate new technologies and scope the effort required for production quality development.

  • Search for and evaluate public and private datasets and data sources for algorithm development

  • Literature searches for state-of-the-art machine learning technology implementation and evaluation frameworks for results validation

Market, Application and Technology Research for Data-related Services Using SRL Intellectual Property   Investigated standardized monitoring system design with open architectures, site-specific documentation, bulk IIoT device configuration, electrician training, remote commissioning and data validation for enhancing existing  operations.

  • Conducted over 400 calls to potential clients, hardware vendors and SaaS providers to better understand industry trends and pain points.

  • Selected and worked with contractor to update SRLink Stream viewer application to latest Ruby on Rails


Founder, Executive Director: June 2011 – August 2016 (Infiswift Acquisition)

Complete sensor-to-web solution to market for simplified energy submetering of Commercial & Industrial facilities (SRLink™). Key accomplishments included:

  • Designed and implemented process, hardware packages, web application, commissioning and customer service.

  • Developed and streamlined customer engagement procedure to collect requirements from a wide range of stakeholders within the organization, synthesize and present results in a manner that allowed for easy prioritization.

  • Built internal processes, tools and templates to scale submetering deployment. Proven in a job with 50 networked energy meters that were installed in 1 week by crew of electricians.

  • Developed PV Performance and Retro-commissioning analytic reports for comparing asset performance across portfolios using different third-party monitoring services.

  • Managed and completed work for over 15 consulting contracts. Included an Evaluation Framework for integrating technologies into company workflow, field installation and maintenance of instrumentation and data analysis.

  • Actively used Salesforce to maintain all sales-related content

  • Sold company to Infiswift, Inc in 2016

Sr. Director, Analytics: Feb 2018 – Dec 2018

Built operability into analytics to turn data from multiple data sources into information that is useful for efficient Operations & Maintenance of PV Power Plants (swiftAnalytics Dashboard).

  • Built analytics dashboard product including concept, technical requirements, go-to-market strategy and sales outreach.
  • Drove an agile web development process using Jira software project management and bitbucket repository for version control.
  • Conceptualized, designed and implemented data science database to capture data from data acquisition systems, SCADA, drones and other field instrumentation.
  • Evaluated analytic engine microservice architectures and platforms.
  • Built out of PV insight analytics team as Technical Leader using outsourced and local development resources and international domain experts.
  • Managed international strategic partner R&D using Jira service desk and Confluence Wiki
  • Coded in Python Anacondas for data analysis spikes

Sr. Director, Performance Solutions: Oct 2016 – Feb 2018

Derived value from Internet of Things (IoT) platform for renewable energy and agriculture.

  • Conceptual design of IoT for solar for lower data management costs and better O&M tools.
  • First to market implementation of IoT Solar Simulation that was displayed at Solar Power International 2017. Included protocol conversion to MQTT from analog signals, Modbus energy meters, weather forecast API, I2C sensors, 2-axis tracker controller and local alert displays. Showed tracker smart stow functionality.
  • Conceptualized, designed and implemented Edge Analytic Server for advanced on-site PV Performance calculations. Implemented using IEC 61724 standards and Sandia PECOS data validation framework.
  • Co-authored Edge Server poster at SPI 2017.
  • Developed and prototyped analytics framework and strategy for PV Performance using Python and open-source Sandia / NREL code.
  • Recruited, trained and managed a local analytics team.
  • Implemented IoT protocol on electrical metering device for native MQTT support.
  • Researched IoT solutions for Solar + Storage and Microgrids.
  • Researched Fog Solutions and Function Virtualization.
  • Developed SunSpec recommendations for adding IoT publish-subscribe architectures to standard
  • Brought $1M in qualified leads for solar and advanced manufacturing verticals.

Owner / Managing Director: 2004 – present

Redeveloped Burlington’s first green offices with quest for net zero (Passive/ Active Solar) at 12-22 North Street in Burlinton’s Old North End. Offers coworking and private office options in a connected, climate driven environment.

  • Works directly with tenants to ensure needs are met and their business is supported in any way possible.
  • Hosts meetings, work events, and private or community parties (including the Ramble Roundup).
  • Part of the Proximity network.
  • Home to a Distributed Energy Resource testbed used for technology R&D and pilot testing.

Founder, Chief Citizen Scientist: January 2018 – present

Citizen Science Initiative for building smart cities from the ground up through IoT infrastructure.

  • Visioned and coordinated a signed MOU with UVM, Cambrian Rise development, Generator makers space and other community partners for support in bringing LoRaWAN Smart Water initiative online and an official community on the Things Network.
  • Recruited team of specialized technical resources and domain experts in sensors, communications, networks, web applications / stacks, project management and security.
  • Set up all internal processes and communications with shareholders.
  • Worked with contractor to set up website and ActiveCampaign automated marketing / CRM tools..
  • Successfully began collecting data on the Lake Champlain Waterfront Low Power Wireless Sensor Network. 

Founder, CEO, CTO: Oct 1999 – June 2011

Comprehensive turnkey PV performance monitoring platform installed in over 2,000 commercial renewable energy systems worldwide (Sentalis™).

  • Lead development of web-based software platform and user interface for photovoltaic power plant asset management using Software as a Service model
  • Converted custom-engineered projects into a scalable, off-the-shelf, configurable solution.
  • Developed Key Performance Indicators for operations and maintenance of Solar Power Plants.
  • Troubleshot hard-to-diagnose problems on phone and in field when other resources exhausted.
  • Developed field commissioning protocol for hardware platform.
  • Grew solutions company with limited capital through efficient use of funds.
  • Led strategy for sales team to sell over $3M in products and services.
  • Managed key account customer service
  • Identified and developed strategic partnerships to strengthen positioning in market
  • Recruited key staff and domain experts through extensive network.
  • Identified high-value niche markets that were either not served or underserved by industry.
  • Raised capital from friends and family, angel investors and venture capital firms (through Series B)
  • Sold new product concept during market research to industry concurrently with collecting customer requirements
  • Public speaking engagements, papers and posters at trade shows and conferences


Launch Academy Web Development Bootcamp, Boston Innovation District

MS, Electrical Engineering, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

MS, Geology, Miami University

MS, Environmental Science, Miami University

BS, Electrical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Strengths and Achievements 
  • Functional, technical and marketing requirement development for new products and features; developed numerous products including web services, turnkey hardware solutions and field services by working with customers and staff to identify market needs and industry trends.
  • Internal process development and execution; built infrastructure for several startups to deliver complex web interface / hardware / field service solutions with industry-leading customer satisfaction.
  • Strategic identification and management of internal resources and external partners; over 100 new hires and contracts for vendors through internships, apprenticeships, direct hires and professional recruiters.
  • Web service functionality and layout; delivered aesthetic and functional interface for asset management of renewable energy portfolios.
  • Passion for training; delivered webinars, instructional presentations, field courses and university courses for over ten years.
  • Fieldwork; able to implement technical solutions in the field and make them work under any circumstances.
  • Consultative sales approach; built relationships with key accounts leading to customer trust, high customer retention and over $1M in sales.