eGauge Update Service

  • Service that updates eGauges for better data capture, functionality and cybersecurity
  • eGauge updates done by trained experts:
    • Backup data in database and device configuration file
    • Update eGauge firmware
    • Review security settings
    • Setup alerts if needed
    • Make additional measurement recommendations after review of existing device configuration.   Can include power quality measurements.
    • Update configuration file with requested measurement updates 
    • Setup of standardized naming conventions with mapping to existing channels using virtual channels
    • Configure new Dashboard view running on device


  • Any PV and/or Storage application using eGauge devices
  • Any Smart Building application using eGauge devices
  • Any EVSE application using eGauge devices
  • Schools and other educational facilities with eGauges wanting to share data for energy literacy and/or workforce development

Key SRL Differentiation

  • Low-cost update with high returns
  • Standards-based naming conventions
  • Submetering and power system Subject Matter Experts
  • Proven end-to-end implementation process.  This includes templates and software for system design, automated device configuration, installation support and commissioning for lowest total cost of operation of large electrical assets.  Makes your existing staff scalable