Data Infrastructure Review (DIR)

To start, we work with you in an advising capacity to understand your unique data systems and bring you up to speed with the current state of your reporting assets, in order to help you understand your options moving forward. We can help you with inventory data collection, data security, design submetering in the most cost-effective manner, simplify complex data, and manage relationships between IT, facility management, and sustainability departments. This is our Data Infrastructure Review process, which is tailored to each customer.  We present you with options after the Data Infrastructure Review, from which you can choose how you want to implement a Pilot Pack. 

Pilot Packs

Our Pilot Pack approach examines your organization’s specific data needs and energy inputs, and customizes submetering to your specific needs and interests. This custom design will provide you with data that is important to you in a simple, efficient manner. We collect time series data and set measurements that are stored digitally, allowing you to associate data with the devices that collected it for full certainty and easy analysis. We help you manage your data and put it into your dashboard or other tools you may already have. Pilot packs are scalable and we welcome you to start with smaller packs before committing to larger investments. We also offer portfolio reviews and work with you in whatever capacity you choose, from one site to an entire campus

Our Pilot Pack includes a set number of Data Gateways at a fixed price. Our Data Gateways allow students, faculty members, sustainability coordinators, and facilities to access data, while sending these data to your existing platforms such as your BMS, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, and/or cloud/smart tech systems. These are meters that collect information from facilities and other energy inputs while prohibiting users from accessing facilities Building Management Systems (BMS) in order to ensure utmost safety. From there, we support you in developing short term and long term strategies by identifying gaps and amplifying the accessibility of trustworthy data. We also provide professional services of ongoing support (corrective maintenance and more). Our work ensures that your PV data systems validly measure and robustly report data.

Process Overview

In summary, our process and technology makes it much easier to access, see, understand, and share data. These energy data can be formatted for easy use energy literacy/education as well as workforce development, and we want to help make this possible. We can also update your current PV monitoring technology or install drop-in replacements to make sure your data is trustworthy and ensure maximum cost-efficiency. One example of a project’s process could be: portfolio review, targeted site design, hardware implementation and configuration, cooperation with electricians and facilities, installation support, and remote commissioning (which ensures tech is functioning as it should be). 


Smart Resource Labs is here to help. Are you looking to connect students, customers, or other users to energy data? Need a coordinated system for monitoring and integrating energy data? How can we assist you? We would love to work with you in whatever capacity necessary. We are more than happy to discuss thoughts and ideas, and provide more information if desired.